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Subscription-Based Delivery for a Big E-Commerce Grocery Shop

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Overview: About the Business

The company stands as one of the monumental pillars in Thailand's retail space, particularly in the grocery sector. Holding an enormous market share and trust among the Thai people, their endeavour has always been to enhance customer satisfaction and adapt to evolving market dynamics.

Project Tasks:

1. Development of delivery by subscription:

  • Implementing a system where customers can choose to subscribe for a monthly fee and receive unlimited deliveries for the entire month.

2. Implementing the Advantages:

  • Ensuring priority in delivery for subscribers.
  • Waiving off delivery fees for subscribers.
  • Streamlining the purchasing and delivery processes to save subscribers time and cost.

3. Platform Implementation:

  • Incorporating the new feature into the company's website and mobile applications (both iOS and Android).

4. Backend Development:

  • Creation of a Magento subscription module to handle delivery schedules, order payments, payment notifications, and potential errors.
  • Facilitating integration with mobile devices through RestAPI, the Order Management System, and the payment service provider, 2C2P.
  • Adding supplementary features like a customer and order administration center, as well as customizing email and SMS templates.

5. Frontend Development:

  • Augmenting the checkout process to add delivery scheduling and the new subscription shipping method.
  • Equipping the customer dashboard with functionalities to manage their subscription – like pausing, canceling, or resuming their service.

6. Mobile Application Enhancement:

  • Introducing the new subscription functionality and ensuring seamless integration with the backend subscription module via RestAPI.

Tech Stack:


  • Magento 2 Commerce Cloud, EBS, OMS, MCOM
  • React.Js, Express.Js, Webpack, HTML/CSS, PWA

Mobile Apps

  • Android, Kotlin
  • iOS, Swift

The main challenge was to integrate a new delivery-by-subscription model into an ongoing headless e-commerce project without causing disruptions to the existing system or diminishing the user experience. This model had to offer customers the flexibility to opt for the subscription at checkout and avail several benefits like priority in delivery, saving on fees, and cutting down the time and cost of purchase and delivery.

The introduction of the subscription-based delivery model proved to be an innovative step for the company. Customers appreciated the convenience and cost-saving benefits, leading to increased customer retention and engagement. The company saw a boost in monthly subscriptions, which not only enhanced their recurring revenue stream but also strengthened brand loyalty. Furthermore, the seamless integration of this new feature, both on the website and mobile applications, underscored the company's commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions to its vast customer base.

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