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Portativ - Online store of headphones and audio equipment

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Magento Support is an online store based in Ukraine that offers a wide variety of electronics and household appliances. The website provides customers with a convenient platform to browse and purchase products such as laptops, smartphones, televisions, kitchen appliances, and more. is known for its competitive prices, high-quality products, and reliable customer service, making it a popular destination for online shopping in Ukraine.

The Portativ company was founded in 2004 with one goal - to enable fans of high-quality audio to enjoy music anywhere. That's how we became the first personal audio store. It was at that moment that Ukraine lacked places where a large assortment of headphones and related products would be presented. We heard a lot of positive feedback from audiophiles (yes, that's what people who appreciate high sound quality are called) and realized that we had hit exactly the niche where we should be.

Project features

  • 35+ Magento plugins developer specifically for this project
  • PIM Integration
  • SMS/E-mail marketing platform integration
  • Reward point system
  • A blog designed specifically for audiophiles
  • Custom payment & shipping methods
  • Prevention of cyber attacks

Services provided

  • Magento Development Services
  • Magento Support


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