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Digital Transformation of an Australian Furniture Designer

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Based in the heart of Australia, our client operates in the competitive realm of furniture design. Driven by a passion to offer customers unparalleled design choices and enhanced functionality, the business is recognized for its impeccable standards and commitment to excellence.

Project Tasks

For the company to maintain its edge and continue to delight its clientele, the following objectives were clearly laid out:

  • Design Integration: Introducing a fresh, modern design to mirror the company's evolving brand and products.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Providing customers the liberty to choose their desired fabrics and materials for their furniture pieces.
  • Cloud Integration: Developing a secure site backup system, integrated with the AWS cloud.
  • Site Optimization: Tweaking and fine-tuning the site to ensure faster loading speeds.
  • Bug Fixes: Identifying potential website glitches and addressing them promptly to ensure seamless user experience.

Project Team

To turn vision into reality, a dedicated and specialized team was assembled:

  • Magento Backend Developer: Responsible for the backend infrastructure and ensuring seamless integration with the front end.
  • Magento Frontend Developer: Tasked with enhancing the website’s interface and incorporating the new design elements.
  • QA Expert: Diligently testing every aspect of the site, finding potential errors, and collaborating with developers for timely resolution.


Every project comes with its set of unique challenges. The main challenges faced during this transformation were integrating the new design without affecting the website’s current operational status and ensuring all new functions, especially the fabric and material choices, were intuitive and user-friendly.

Business Outcome

Post-implementation, the company witnessed a surge in user engagement on the website. The ability for customers to personalize their furniture with fabrics and materials of their choice was particularly well-received. With faster loading speeds and minimized glitches, user drop-off rates significantly decreased, leading to increased conversions and a bolstered online presence. This digital transformation not only strengthened the brand’s digital footprint but also effectively translated into heightened customer satisfaction and sales.

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