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Connect with exceptional game developers skilled in creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences. Whether you're looking for expertise in Unity, Unreal Engine, VR/AR, or mobile game development, our platform offers access to top-tier talent ready to bring your gaming vision to life. Hire the best to create outstanding games!

How to hire Game Developers?

Define Your Project Requirements

  • Identify Game Type: Determine the type of game you want to develop (e.g., mobile, PC, console, AR/VR).
  • Establish Scope: Understand the scale of your project – is it a small indie game or a large-scale AAA title?
  • Technical Needs: Identify the key technical skills required, like experience with specific game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine), programming languages (C#, C++), and other tools.

Set Up a Job Description

  • Clear Position Details: Outline the role, responsibilities, required experience, and desirable skills.
  • Specify the Platform: Mention the gaming platforms (iOS, Android, PC, console, etc.) your project targets.
  • Highlight Key Skills: Include essential skills like game design, programming, 3D modeling, etc.

Choose the Right Hiring Platforms

  • Specialized Job Boards: Use game development-focused job boards like Gamasutra, GameDev.net.
  • Freelance Platforms: Consider platforms like Upwork or Toptal for freelance or short-term projects.
  • Social Media and Forums: LinkedIn, Twitter, and game development forums can be valuable resources.
  • IT Outstaffing Companies: sysint.net

Conduct Interviews and Technical Assessments

  • Behavioral Interviews: Assess cultural fit and communication skills.
  • Technical Interviews: Include practical assessments to test their technical abilities and problem-solving skills.
  • Team Dynamics: Consider how they would fit into your existing team (if applicable).

What you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of project hours?

we start at 160 hours of work for an individual position and will be happy to send some candidates for your consideration. depending on your project’s needs, we can offer developers that are ready to work full-time (40 hours per week) or part-time (20 hours per week).

What technologies do you work with?

Do your developers speak good english?

What are your hourly rates?

Do i get to communicate with the developer directly?

Can I interview and test the developer on my own?

Can I request a tech interview / live coding/ test task?

How experienced are your developers?

I’m not satisfied with developer’s work/I have an issue with the developer, what should i do?

Where are you located?

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