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April 4, 2023

Hyvä Frontend and Hyvä Theme for Magento 2




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Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms available today. It is an open-source platform that allows developers to create highly customizable and scalable online stores. One of the most important aspects of any online store is its frontend design. The frontend of a store is what customers see and interact with, and it plays a crucial role in the success of any online business. hyva-frontend-and-hyva-theme-for-magento-2.jpg

What is Hyvä?

Hyvä is a powerful theme for Magento 2 that allows developers to create custom themes quickly and easily. It's developed by Magento, the company behind the world's leading eCommerce platform.

Why Choose Hyvä Theme

Hyvä is the fastest Magento theme. It's easy to use, optimized for performance and has high-quality code.

Features of Hyvä Theme include:

  • Lightweight and Responsive Design: Hyvä Frontend is a lightweight, responsive Magento 2 theme that comes with a mobile-first approach. It has been built using the latest web technologies, making it fully compatible with all major browsers and devices. The theme also supports CSS3 animations, HTML5 markup, and JavaScript frameworks like jQuery or VueJS.
  • Support for CSS: Hyvä Frontend allows you to customize your store's look by changing colors, fonts, or backgrounds without touching any code! You can also add new pages or sections easily through our Page Builder tool (see below).
  • Customizable layout: Hyvä Frontend offers customizable layouts that allow you to create unique designs for your website.
  • Page builder tool: Hyvä Frontend comes with a page builder tool that makes it easy to add new pages or sections to your website. This tool is user-friendly and doesn't require any coding knowledge.
  • Performance optimized: Hyvä Frontend is optimized for performance and high-quality code. It has been designed to load quickly and efficiently, which can improve your website's overall performance.
  • SEO friendly: Hyvä Frontend is SEO-friendly and includes features that can help you improve your website's search engine rankings. It includes structured data, meta tags, and other features that can help search engines understand your website's content.

Overall, Hyvä Frontend is a powerful and flexible frontend framework that can help you create beautiful and functional websites. Its wide range of features and customizability make it a top choice for web developers looking to build high-quality websites quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Using Hyvä Theme

Hyvä allows you to build Magento 2 themes more quickly and easily. It's designed to make it easier for developers and designers to work together, while also providing incredible performance benefits for your store visitors. Hyvä Frontend offers several benefits for developers who work with Magento 2. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved Scalability: Hyvä Frontend is designed specifically for Magento 2 development, making it easier for developers to work with JavaScript frameworks like ReactJS or VueJS. This means less code repetition across projects, leading to better performance across all devices.
  • Easy to Use: Hyvä Frontend is designed to be user-friendly, even for developers who are new to Magento 2 development. The tool includes pre-built components like grids, buttons, and forms, making it easy to start with templates or start from scratch with your code.
  • Flexibility: Hyvä Frontend is highly customizable, allowing developers to create themes that fit perfectly into any kind of business model, regardless of whether it's B2C or B2B, eCommerce only, or multi-purpose.

In general, Hyvä Frontend is a powerful tool that offers numerous benefits for developers who work with Magento 2. With its intuitive user interface, pre-built components, and performance optimization features, Hyvä Frontend is a valuable asset for any Magento 2 development project.

Hyvä Theme for Magento 2

Hyvä Theme is a responsive, customizable, and easy-to-install Magento 2 theme. It comes with an intuitive drag & drop page builder that allows you to create stunning pages without any coding knowledge. The theme also supports multiple languages, so it's perfect for international stores. If you're looking for a professional-looking website that can be customized according to your needs, Hyvä Theme is the right choice!

Hyvä Frontend Development Services

hyva-frontend-and-hyva-theme-for-magento-2-2.jpg Hyvä Frontend is a powerful tool for Magento 2 development, and it can help you to create an engaging, responsive, and high-performing website for your business. If you're looking for Hyvä Frontend development services, it's important to choose a company that has experience with the platform and can provide customized solutions that meet your business requirements. With the right Hyvä Frontend development company, you can create a website that is user-friendly, visually appealing, and optimized for speed and SEO.

SYSINT is a leading software development company that offers high-quality front-end development services. We have been in this industry for more than 10 years and have delivered hundreds of Magento 2 extensions across the globe. Our experienced, passionate team delivers superior Hyva Theme integration services each time.

Our Magento 2 theme integration services are designed to help our clients create a visually appealing and user-friendly website. We use Hyvä Theme to create customized themes that reflect our client's brand identity and help them to stand out from their competitors. Our team is experienced in creating custom themes for both new and existing Magento 2 stores. In addition to theme integration, we also offer custom theming services for existing stores and extensions. This allows our clients to customize their websites according to their specific business requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and create a customized theming solution that meets those needs.

Finally, we offer adaptive layout services for responsive websites. With more and more people accessing websites on mobile devices, it's important to have a website that is optimized for different screen sizes. Our adaptive layout services ensure that our client's websites are responsive and provide a seamless user experience across all devices.

At SYSINT, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality front-end development services that help our clients achieve their business goals.


April 4, 2023

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