Website UX Audit (User Experience Audit)

— Is the product quality high, but conversion is low, and the exit rate grows?
— Have high traffic, but revenue does not grow?

UX audit is the answer — the process used to evaluate the usability of websites.

It is not just a process but an efficient approach to understanding the way your users interact with the site, the problems they meet on their journey, and what prevents them from converting. The aim is to identify the interface flaws affecting the user experience and crucial website KPIs. So, the UX/UI audit is a way to get valuable insights to continue improving the project to meet the ever-changing customer wishes and needs.

We conduct UI/UX audit

Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Headless E-Commerce

Adobe Commerce
Headless E-Commerce

The Process In Stages

Averagely, a website UX audit takes about two weeks (varies on the project size and UX audit objectives).


A thorough business review and creation of a project brief


Tag a sales funnel with the help of GTM, analyze Key Google Analytics metrics, Hotjar data (scroll maps, click maps, heatmaps, video recordings of user sessions), and use other tools


Heuristic UI evaluation


Generation of hypotheses


Report preparation (a UX audit document) with further project optimization.

The UI/UX Audit: What You Get In The Result?

By completing the study and relying on the data obtained about user behavior, an expert pinpoints all the usability flaws and develops a plan with practical recommendations for interface optimization.
Order a UX audit to get a detailed plan on conversion growth with 30-50 hypotheses.

After the UX audit is over, you get:
— Detailed report with all the hypotheses, flaws, descriptions, priority level, and practical recommendations in a Google Sheets format (an example)
— Dynamic Data Studio Dashboard with some analytical statements (an example)

What’s next?

Boost your eCommerce project with state-of-the-art UI/UX solutions